Bruce Nagel and Sue Connors tried a medical malpractice case resulting in a jury in Newark awarding a 22 year old woman $1.2 million.  Samantha Alpert suffered nerve injuries when she was 17 during a surgical biopsy performed by Dr. Steven Robbins, a West Orange orthopedic surgeon who practiced with the Center for Orthopedics. Samantha  consulted Dr. Robbins for the removal of a benign bone growth that she had since she was 7. Dr. Robbins told her he needed to perform a surgical biopsy.  During the procedure, he cut one of the nerves in her left leg. According to expert testimony offered at the trial, Dr. Robbins should not have done the biopsy as the chance of cancer in a person under 20 with her medical condition was a fraction of one per cent. Samantha was an All-State tennis player in Livingston High School and has not played tennis since the surgery. She attended her graduation and her prom in a wheelchair. After a two week trial before Judge Annette Scoca, the jury found Dr. Robbins negligent for performing the unnecessary surgical biopsy and also that he failed to fully inform her and her parents that there were other treatment options that could have been done. According to Bruce Nagel, “What Dr. Robbins did was inexcusable and he permanently injured Samantha. We are grateful that the jury held him accountable for his substandard medical care.”

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Student Forced To Attend Prom In Wheelchair Awarded $1.2M In Malpractice Case