August 27, 2014 – Bruce Nagel and Greg Kohn of Nagel Rice settled a rear-end auto case for a man who lost his eye as a result of the accident for $1.9 million.In December 2013, Zachary Maloney was driving on Interstate 684 in New York and proceeded onto an exit ramp that was backed up with traffic. Another motorist, Jonathan Milley of Princeton, N.J., failed to stop for the traffic and rear-ended Maloney, according to Maloney’s lawyers, Bruce Nagel and Greg Kohn of Nagel Rice in Roseland, N.J.

Maloney, 29, sustained a ruptured left eye, fractured orbital wall and other injuries. He had the eye surgically removed in January, and now has a prosthetic eye, which requires special eye drops and causes eyelid pain and other issues, Nagel and Kohn said.

The parties settled presuit.