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Since 2017, electric scooters, rented out cheaply by companies like Bird and Lime, have arrived on the scene, spreading quickly across the world as an inexpensive, pleasant type of local transportation. From the beginning, their safety has been in question, especially because some motor scooters are able to travel at high speeds, which puts riders at risk of serious injury in the event of a motor scooter accident.

If you have been injured in a motor scooter accident in New Jersey, you may feel that you have no place to turn and must deal with your medical issues and ensuing financial concerns on your own. Fortunately, this is not the case. Nagel Rice, a well-respected personal injury law firm that serves clients throughout New Jersey, is experienced in handling motor scooter accidents. Not only that, but our highly skilled personal injury attorneys have a fine track record of success across the board, having won a billion dollars for our clients during our more than 30 years practicing law.

Laws Governing New Jersey Motor Scooter Travel Are Confusing

When any new vehicle or device comes into common use by the public, legislators hurry to establish laws governing its use. Motor scooters are no exception. New Jersey laws apply to “low-speed electric scooters,” defined as scooters with handlebars, floorboards that can be stood on by operators, and electric motors capable of propelling the device with or without human propulsion.” 

Laws regarding motor scooter travel, concerning such things as where they may be operated and at what times of the day, vary from one municipality to another. Therefore, it is imperative that you find out what the regulations are where you live. This will be particularly important if you become involved in an accident while riding your motor scooter since you may be held at least partly responsible for the collision if you were violating local traffic laws at the time of the crash. 

A New Jersey law enacted in May of 2019 allows scooters to be operated on streets, highways and bicycle paths, but not on unpaved paths. New Jersey law forbids drivers from riding motorized scooters on state roads. The laws governing the operation of motor scooters in New Jersey can be very confusing. For this reason, if you’re injured in a motor scooter accident it is absolutely essential that you consult with one of our savvy motor scooter accident attorneys to find out how the following may affect your responsibility or entitlement to damages from the other driver:

  • The size of your motor scooter
  • The speed capability of your scooter
  • Whether you have liability insurance for your scooter
  • Whether you have registered your scooter locally
  • Whether you were riding your scooter on the sidewalk
  • Your age — 12 years or older in some places, 15 years or older in others
  • Whether you are wearing a helmet and whether it is one approved by NJ’s DMV

Anywhere in New Jersey, your motor scooter is required to have a proper brake that will enable you to stop the scooter safely and effectively. You must also:

  • Obey all New Jersey bike laws and traffic signals
  • Avoid blocking pedestrian traffic if you park your motor scooters on the sidewalk
  • Travel at a maximum speed of 19 mph
  • Wear a helmet if you are age 17 or younger
  • Obey local municipality regulations regarding riding on sidewalks or paths
  • Drive in the right lane unless preparing to make a left turn
  • Not ride your motor scooter in a bicycle or pedestrian lane

Modified Comparative Negligence in New Jersey

Modified comparative negligence is the way the State of New Jersey deals with shared blame. If you were injured in a motor scooter accident and the court finds you partially responsible, a percentage of the damages awarded to you for your injury will be withheld in accordance with the court’s assessment of your percentage of fault. So, if you are deemed to be 10 percent at fault and the court has assessed your compensation at $100,000, you will end up with $90,000. 

Types of Injuries You May Have Incurred as a Result of a Motor Scooter Accident

Even though you are traveling relatively slowly as the rider of a motor scooter, the vehicle you have collided with may be going considerably faster. Also, like others traveling without the metal cage of a car around them, you have no protection (except a helmet if you are wearing one). This means you may suffer any of the following injuries:

  • Bone fractures
  • Road rash
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Internal, as well as external, bleeding
  • Organ damage
  • Traumatic brain injury

Assuming that the driver who hit you was largely at fault for the accident, you are entitled to collect damages as follows:

  • Economic damages to cover property damage, medical costs, lost wages (present and future)
  • Non-economic damages to cover pain and suffering, disfigurement, permanent disability, loss of enjoyment of life
  • You may also be entitled to receive punitive damages if the person who hit you was extremely reckless — for example, driving while impaired or traveling at a very high rate of speed.

In the event that your scooter, whether owned or rented, had a defect that contributed to your injury, we may be able to sue the rental company or manufacturer for product liability.

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