6 Signs Your Obstetrician May Have Caused Your Child’s Birth Injury

By Greg Kohn

Knowing what caused your child’s injuries during your pregnancy or during the birthing process can be very difficult. It is hard to know whether a birth defect was just the result of genetics or if your doctor made an error that caused your child harm.

If your doctor did harm your baby, you need to speak with a New Jersey obstetrical malpractice attorney to discuss your potential legal options. But how will you know that it was the doctor’s fault? Below are just a few signs that your obstetrician may have caused your child’s birth injury.

  1. Your labor went on for a long period of time.
    Generally, the longer your labor period lasted, the more likely an error occurred. The birthing process is actually very traumatic on a baby. If your infant suffered physical harm during birth, it could have been because he or she was exposed to unnecessary pressure or trauma during the actual birthing process.
  2. You had an infection during pregnancy.
    Infections during your pregnancy can cause harm to your baby if they are left untreated or if treatment is delayed. An infection that you suffer could also be transmitted to your baby through you. Infections affect infants very differently compared to adults. What may only be a nuisance to you could cause severe birth defects in your baby.
  3. You had to have an emergency cesarean section.
    If you were already in labor and your obstetrician decided to perform an emergency c-section, that could be a sign of a problem. In many situations, problems that affect your pregnancy or the birthing process can be diagnosed long before you go into a labor. Having an emergency c-section could signify that there was a problem that should have been spotted earlier.
  4. Your baby did not exhibit normal behaviors at the time of delivery.
    Your baby should have a normal appearance, pulse, grimace, activity, and respiration (APGAR) at the time of delivery. He or she should have been able to cry on their own and generally exhibit good health. If the baby did not do this, then that could be a sign that the baby was in distress during delivery. Any delay in addressing these issues can cause serious long-term health problems.
  5. The baby presented abnormally during birth.
    When an infant does not present head first, that can cause physical trauma during the labor process. If the baby was delivered with the shoulder first or became lodged in the birth canal, that could be a serious problem that may trigger the need for an emergency c-section.
  6. Your doctor did not diagnosis you properly with a condition that began during pregnancy.
    Expecting mothers face many risks as they go through their pregnancy. For instance, they could contract material diabetes or experience a placental abruption. Any condition that is not diagnosed and addressed immediately could lead to birth complications that may result in a miscarriage or long-term health problems for your child.

If you suspect that an error in your medical care or the delivery of your child hurt your baby, you may have an obstetric malpractice claim on behalf of your child against your doctor. Learn more by scheduling an appointment with our New Jersey car accident attorneys today.

About the Author
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