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The shoulder is a large, powerful joint involved in most movements of the upper body, so shoulder injuries are often incapacitating. Difficult enough to cope with when they occur due to accidents that are nobody’s fault, shoulder injuries resulting from another person’s negligence, or reckless behavior are even harder to bear. If you have suffered a serious shoulder injury due to the negligence of a driver, a property owner, a medical professional, or some other person, now is the time to call Nagel Rice LLP

Our practice has been successfully representing New Jersey accident victims for over 30 years. We have the courtroom experience and sharp skills to bring you the maximum compensation you are entitled to. Contact us for a free consultation. Our empathic shoulder injury attorneys are eager to help you obtain the damages to cover your losses and the resources to enable you to move forward.

What’s A Common Type of Traumatic Shoulder Injury in New Jersey

There are three basic types of traumatic shoulder injuries:

  1. Fractures can occur in any of the three bones of the shoulder: the scapula (shoulder blade), clavicle (collarbone), or humerus (upper arm bone). 
  2. Dislocations can occur in either of the two joints of the shoulder: the acromioclavicular joint, where the highest point of the scapula meets the clavicle, and the ball and socket glenohumeral joint that connects the scapula and the humerus. 
  3. Soft tissue injuries include tears of muscles, tendons, and ligaments, as well as rotator cuff and labral tears.

All of these shoulder injuries are extremely painful and require urgent medical attention. It is important to remember that in the immediate aftermath of an accident, pain is not always immediately felt or reported. This is why it is essential for accident victims to undergo full physical examinations.

How Another Party’s Negligence, Recklessness, or Malice Can Cause Shoulder Injuries

We will file a personal injury lawsuit on your behalf if any of the following have caused your shoulder injury:

We all owe a duty of care to others as we interact with them privately, publicly, or professionally. If we violate our duty of care, the law holds them accountable. 

Fine Legal Services Our Shoulder Injury Attorneys Provide 

Once you become our client, our determined lawyers will handle all legal and logistical matters relevant to your case. While you take the time you need to rest and recover, we will:

  • Negotiate with opposing attorneys and insurance adjusters
  • Investigate the site of your accident, surveillance videos, and forensic evidence
  • Examine police records, medical reports, and the defendant’s history of previous misconduct
  • Identify all parties involved in your accident and interview witnesses
  • Subpoena cell phone records if the accident may involve a driver who was texting
  • Consult with medical and technical experts who may support your claim in court 

Most importantly, we will provide you with excellent legal representation by tailoring our negotiation/litigation strategy to the particulars of your case.

Damages We Will Fight to Win for You and Your Family

Our attorneys are well aware of how overwhelming a serious shoulder injury can be. Because we are determined to assist in restabilizing your life, we will fight vigorously to recover damages for:

  • Medical and rehabilitation costs
  • Lost income, present and future
  • Property damage or loss
  • Psychological counseling
  • Replacement services (e.g. childcare)
  • Pain and suffering
  • Permanent disability
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

We want to make sure that you not only have the funds to cover your losses, but the resources you will need if you have to go through a long-term recovery or will be dealing with a permanent disability. 

Why Settlement Amounts and Court Awards Vary 

There are a number of factors that affect the settlement we negotiate or the court award you receive. These include:

  • The severity of your shoulder injury and your prognosis
  • Whether your shoulder injury requires surgical intervention
  • Your physical capacity and activity level before the accident
  • Whether your shoulder injury will prevent you from returning to the same job
  • Whether or not the shoulder you injured was on your dominant side
  • Whether or not you bear some fault for the accident in which you were injured (comparative negligence)

Modified Comparative Negligence in New Jersey

New Jersey law works under the principle of modified comparative negligence which means that you can sue for damages even if you are partly responsible for the accident in which you were injured, as long as you bear no more than 50 percent of the liability. However, your percentage of fault will be deducted from the amount you receive. In other words, if you are awarded $100,000 but you are deemed to be 20 percent at fault, you will receive $80,000. 

Contact Our Experienced New Jersey Shoulder Injury Attorney Today

Whether you have suffered a shoulder injury that is temporarily or permanently disabling, one that will keep you from ever returning to your previous job, or will require months of recovery and rehabilitation, you do not have to bear the consequences alone. Nagel Rice is ready to defend your right to justice by filing a lawsuit against the party who caused you harm. Contact us now for capable, compassionate legal advocacy.