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Construction workers have dangerous jobs, and statistics show that the odds of a construction accident are becoming more frequent, possibly due in part to aging infrastructure and partially due to the fact that some companies cut corners to keep their costs down. In order for the construction industry to lower the risks to its workers, more money and time must be spent on safety training and protective equipment, such as sturdy scaffolding and well-maintained safety harnesses.

If you have been seriously injured in a construction accident, once your urgent health needs are addressed, you should consult with a personal injury attorney experienced in personal injury law. If you were working on a construction site in New York or New Jersey when the accident occurred, you should contact one of the fine attorneys at Nagel Rice LLP. We are a skilled personal injury law firm with attorneys who specialize in construction accidents, and we have an excellent track record of winning substantial settlements and verdicts for our clients, some of whom have obtained hundreds of millions of dollars in damages

Causes of Construction Accidents

The hazards of construction sites are well-known. Common causes of construction accidents include the following categories:

Worker Falls

Many construction workers spend a great deal of time climbing on ladders and scaffolds during the course of an average day; therefore, the possible imbalance or poor maintenance of these devices can result in grave danger. Defective manufacture of such items or poor managerial oversight and/or negligence can cause devastating injuries. Of course, the higher a worker is when they fall, the more likely a catastrophic injury or fatality will occur. There are Labor Law regulations in place to protect construction workers in such situations, but, as mentioned earlier, too often, regulations are ignored or shortcutted to lower costs.

Falling Objects

In spite of the helmets and other protective gear construction workers wear, another common cause of serious accidents is that workers are hit by falling objects, often very heavy ones. It is, unfortunately, not rare for construction workers to be hit by falling debris (insulation, roofing tiles, lumber, bricks) or tools, such as hammers or drills. Even relatively light objects can cause tremendous damage when they fall from a great height. There are also times when whole roofs or ceilings collapse or cave-ins occur, causing devastating injuries to those below.

Hazardous Materials at the Job Site

Construction sites, unlike most offices, are typically strewn with large materials like lumber and sheet metal and are often sprinkled with small objects like nails, screws, and bolts. In addition, construction workers must frequently make their way through unprotected shafts and uncovered holes. Moreover, it is common for vats of chemicals, cleaners, or solvents to dot the construction landscape, often in improperly closed containers.

Moving equipment, such as cranes, forklifts, or even trucks backing or dumping heavy materials, also presents perils. These include horrendous compression accidents when a person becomes wedged between two pieces of heavy equipment or one moving piece of machinery and an immovable wall. There are also a fair number of accidents resulting from nail guns.


Exposed wires and/or faulty connections are the most common cause of electrocutions. Severe burns, permanent disability, or death often result from electrocution.

Fires and Explosions

Exposed wires can also result in fires and even explosions, as can leaking pipes and flammable chemicals.

Types of Injuries Suffered at Construction Sites

There are countless serious injuries that you may suffer while on the job as a construction worker. Among these are:

Will Workers’ Compensation Cover My Workplace Injury?

Workers’ Compensation will pay for your medical and rehabilitative costs and will reimburse you for some of your lost income (usually at a rate of two-thirds). If you have simply suffered an injury in the workplace (e.g., construction site, office, factory, store), for example, tripped and fallen for no apparent reason, or cut yourself while using scissors, filing a workers’ comp claim may be the best you can do. On the other hand, if you have suffered a serious injury as a result of your employer’s negligence, you have every right to sue for more substantial compensation.

When accidents occur at a construction site, your employer or some other entity may very well be responsible for the devastating injuries you sustain and must take responsibility not only for your medical and rehabilitative costs but for your long-term loss of income and possible disability.

Since labor law requires that your employer provide you with “adequate protection,” it is entirely possible that you and your family are entitled to more than workers’ compensation. This is where you need the deft attorneys at Nagel Rice LLP on your case. When you have undergone serious injury, are facing economic instability and psychological trauma — you are in no shape to engage in a legal battle. Our attorneys will visit you where you are, gather investigative evidence, interview any witnesses, and begin the process of developing a workable strategy and fight to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve.

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If you have suffered a severe injury in a construction accident, the best thing to do is seek counsel with one of our talented attorneys. We will assess the situation and determine if you have a legitimate case. There will be no fee unless we decide to take your case and win compensation for you and your family. If you do have a legitimate claim, we will be able to ask for much more substantial damages than you would have received from Workers’ Comp since we will be able to seek recompense for your physical pain and mental anguish as well as for your economic loss. In addition, if your employer or a manufacturer of some piece of defective equipment is found to have caused the accident because of egregious negligence, we may also be able to seek punitive damages for an even more substantial amount of money. If you feel you may have a viable personal injury case due to a construction accident, please get in touch with us by phone or by filling out the contact form. Remember — there is no fee to you unless we win your case.

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