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birth injuryOur lawyers understand the sensitive nature of what you are dealing with. These cases involve children who are born with and are now forced to live with the pain of devastating diseases that should have been diagnosed through genetic tests or other testing early in the pregnancy. Additionally, parents must watch their children suffer and experience economic losses due to the enormous costs of caring for their disabled children.

Today’s advanced medical technology allows us to perform genetic tests and other testing to determine if parents are carriers of certain genes and prenatal tests to determine whether a fetus has inherited genes that may be problematic. When a serious condition is detected early on, the parents have the option to terminate the pregnancy.

Nagel Rice, LLP recently obtained a settlement of $7,150,000 for a wrongful birth action involving the misreading of a genetic test.  Click here to read more.  Also, Nagel Rice obtained a settlement of $4.2 Million for a wrongful birth action involving a misread ultrasound, which resulted in failure to detect a heart defect.

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Our verdicts and settlements in wrongful birth cases include:

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Failure to Diagnose During Genetic Testing

When a couple elects to have genetic testing, they trust the doctor and the laboratory to perform the correct tests and to interpret the results accurately. However, recent lawsuits have arisen due to:

  • Medical professionals failing to carry out ordered tests;
  • Doctors failing to diagnose diseases due to inaccurate interpretation of test results;
  • Testing errors;
  • Laboratory errors;
  • Failure to perform required prenatal testing; and
  • Failure to provide genetic counseling.

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