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As anyone who has suffered from broken bones knows, the pain resulting from the injury is intense, interfering with normal activity, mobility, concentration, and sleep. Even a small bone fracture, of a toe or finger, for example, can interrupt your life until complete healing occurs. Large or complex breaks, as expected, cause more trouble, interrupting activities more dramatically, causing more pain, and taking longer to heal.

The Cost of Broken Bones

Bone breaks can also be expensive. In addition to medical, surgical, and physical therapy costs, the inability to work can result in a serious loss of income during recovery. Moreover, depending on the severity of the injury and the type of work you do, you may not be able to resume your career at all. In extreme cases, depending on your age and physical condition and the site and nature of the fracture, you may even become permanently disabled. Combined with the inability to complete household chores, childcare, and in some situations, personal care— tasks for which you will have to pay for assistance — your financial pain may compete with your physical and emotional trauma. In cases in which someone else’s negligence was the underlying cause of your bone break, you are entitled to substantial legal compensation, This is where Nagel Rice, LLP comes in.

Nagel Rice is a top-tier personal injury law firm with offices in Roseland and Manhattan. Having won over $1 billion in verdicts and settlements for clients all over New Jersey during the past several decades, we have the knowledgeable, talented attorneys you’re looking for. All of your personal injury attorneys are well-credentialed with excellent negotiation and litigation skills. Don’t waste time worrying about how you and your family will manage financially during your recovery and in the future. Call us for a free consultation so we can clarify your options.

When Broken Bones Become a Legal Matter

If you are suffering pain, immobility, and inability to work or go about your normal routine due to someone else’s negligence, you should be fully compensated by those who caused you harm. At Nagel Rice, we are dedicated to making sure you are treated fairly and receive every dollar you deserve. Once we have listened carefully to your story and are convinced that you have a viable personal injury case, we will work hard to negotiate the highest possible settlement. If we do not obtain satisfactory results through negotiation, we will file a lawsuit on your behalf and take your case to court.

Types of Legal Liability

Another person may be responsible for your broken bone or long-term impairment if the individual was:

  • An impaired, distracted, or reckless driver in an accident in which you were injured
  • A doctor who misdiagnosed your break, delayed treatment, administered incorrect treatment or failed to monitor your condition when you developed an infection
  • A nursing home employee who didn’t follow protocol to prevent patient falls
  • A school, camp, or sports center that did not properly supervise your child or had dangerous equipment that provided a safety hazard, or improperly trained staff
  • A home or business owner who did not protect the public from slippery surfaces on his/her property

At Nagel Rice, we routinely fight for the rights of clients who have suffered broken bones as a result of traffic accidents, premises liability, improper supervision, medical malpractice, and nursing home abuse. Don’t let yourself or a loved one be victimized. Call Nagel Rice to check out whether you are entitled to damages to cover all you have been through and continue to endure.

Types of Bone Fractures

Depending on the size of the affected bone, its location on the body, and the kind of break that has occurred, treatments may differ. The varieties of bone breaks include:

  • Open (compound) fractures are not for the squeamish since they are characterized by the broken bone piercing the skin. One of the more serious kinds of fractures, these bone breaks require urgent, aggressive treatment to prevent systemic infection.
  • Closed fractures are the more typical breaks in which the skin remains intact but there is extensive swelling and bruising.
  • Complete fractures are ones in which the bone has actually snapped into two or more parts, whereas incomplete fractures involve a crack rather than a severance of bone tissue.
  • Displaced fractures occur when the bone fragments that have split do not align. Such fractures may require surgery and implantation of surgical hardware to heal correctly
  • Greenstick fractures mimic the plant parts after which they are named. They most frequently occur in children whose bones are more flexible than those of adults.
  • Stress fractures are tiny cracks in the bone that result from repetitive force or overuse, often as a result of sports activities. They can also result from osteoporosis or poor nutrition.


Medical treatments for broken bones vary. All fractures must be immobilized to heal, but not all require casting. A broken finger, for example, is usually splinted; a small toe may simply be taped to the adjacent toe; a broken clavicle (collarbone) is typically wrapped in a sling. Larger bones, if not in alignment after the break, may require manual reduction (repositioning) before being casted, or may necessitate surgery with plates and pins to hold them in correct positions as they heal. In extreme cases, particularly with multiple fractures to the same bone, external fixation may be required.

In all cases, broken bones must be immobilized and must be kept from being weight-bearing during recovery. Therefore, individuals with broken leg or foot bones will have to be in wheelchairs and then on crutches until the bone is completely healed. Almost all broken bones will require physical therapy to restore full mobility.

How Long Do Broken Bones Take To Heal?

While a broken toe can heal in 6 weeks, larger bones, like arms and legs, take considerably longer. For adults, a broken leg, depending on the severity and type of break, can take from 3 to 6 months to heal. Children may heal in half the time. Of course, complicated cases, in which infection occurs, or long-term disability ensues, recovery time can be much longer or the patient may never fully recover.

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