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Come closer, what do you think about this candidate?In today’s challenging economic environment, some corporations are committing fraudulent acts in order to profit from taxpayers. While it might seem intimidating to report abuse, New Jersey has laws to protect whistleblowers. This is a serious crime and businesses should be reported for their indiscretions. At Nagel Rice we protect whistleblowers; our intention is to put an end to this abuse.

Examples of misconduct include the following:

  • Accountants who are aware of false billing for Medicare, Medicaid, and government projects
  • Contractors who know about inadequate materials being used in public building projects
  • Engineers who know about defective products being shipped to our soldiers overseas
  • Claims adjustor who are sure that an insurance company is committing fraud
  • Food service workers who know about food safety violations
  • Accountants who are aware of their employee’s over billing practices

Nagel Rice, is not afraid to take on large corporations We will answer all your questions about qui tam (whistleblower) cases involving New Jersey Qui Tam Law and the Federal False Claims Act (which provides incentives to whistleblowers to expose fraud affecting state funds). At Nagel Rice, we represent people across the country. If you’re considering blowing the whistle on corporate fraud against the government, American consumers, and/or taxpayers, or you want to report violations of workplace safety, food safety or environmental safety, contact us. All information you provide will be kept strictly CONFIDENTIAL.

We serve clients throughout New York and New Jersey. We have offices in Roseland and New York City.