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Pedestrian Accidents: Protecting Yourself and Seeking Compensation

By Greg Kohn

Getting hit by a car when you are on foot is a terrifying experience. Often, the driver of the car panics and flees the scene, leaving you to fend for yourself. It could help to know, after getting injured in a pedestrian accident, about protecting yourself and seeking compensation.

Because it can be complicated to go after monetary damages for your injuries and other losses in a pedestrian accident, it could be helpful to work with a New Jersey personal injury attorney on your case. When a lawyer takes care of your injury claim, you get to focus on your health and well-being. 

How to Protect Your Right to Compensation from the At-Fault Party

The first thing you can do to protect your health and safety, as well as your right to seek monetary damages for your injuries and losses, is to call 911 immediately. Injuries can be debilitating when a person on foot gets hit by a motor vehicle. Some injuries do not exhibit noticeable symptoms right away, but they can become life-threatening quickly.

If possible, you will want to jot down the license number and description of the vehicle that hit you. Many people fear that they might have killed someone when they strike a pedestrian with their car. If your pedestrian accident becomes a hit-and-run crash, you will want to be able to tell the police as much information about the car and driver as possible. Also, snapping a quick photo of the car and driver with your cell phone could make the difference in the person getting caught.

Types of Monetary Damages from Pedestrian Accidents in New Jersey

The specific facts of your case will determine the types and amount of monetary damages you could pursue from the person whose negligence caused the collision. You cannot automatically sue the driver of the car that hit you, but in many cases, the court finds some fault on the part of the driver. Also, when the person operating a motor vehicle was clearly negligent, the court can hold them accountable for your losses. 

Here are some of the categories of monetary damages we have won for our personal injury clients: 

  • Medical expenses for the treatment of your wounds.
  • Rehabilitation expenses. Often, people with life-changing injuries, like head trauma, need to spend weeks or months receiving inpatient or outpatient services at a specialized healthcare facility. 
  • Long-term care. If your wounds make you unable to live independently without daily assistance, you might have to move into a nursing home or another long-term care facility.
  • Lost wages. If you did not receive your regular pay when you couldn’t work because of your injuries, we could add the amount of your lost wages to your injury claim.
  • Pain and suffering. This category of monetary damages is for the physical discomfort and emotional distress that come with getting injured in an accident. 

If your close relative died because of a pedestrian accident, we might be able to go after additional compensation for the family. 

You can also protect your right to compensation by working with a New Jersey personal injury attorney on your pedestrian accident injury case. Contact our office today for help with your case.

About the Author
Greg Kohn is a partner at Nagel Rice and specializes in complex civil litigation cases, including professional malpractice, personal injury, class actions, wrongful death, products liability, and commercial litigation.  He has extensive experience representing clients in both state and federal court. Greg has tried many jury trials to verdict and has recovered over $50 million in settlements and verdicts in all types of personal injury matters including automobile accidents, wrongful death cases, slip and falls, and other catastrophic injury cases. Greg also handles medical malpractice cases, involving misdiagnoses, wrongful birth, and delayed cancer diagnosis. If you have questions regarding this article, you can contact Greg here.