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People With Keratoconus Are Not Candidates for Lasik Surgery

People with keratoconus, sometimes abbreviated as KC, have misshapen, gradually thinning corneas. Because Lasik surgery can further weaken the corneas, people with keratoconus are not viable candidates for Lasik eye surgery.

Unfortunately, many eye doctors are overlooking people with this condition and performing Lasik surgery, resulting in severe complications.

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About Keratoconus

Keratoconus can be diagnosed using several standard tests, which an eye doctor should perform prior to Lasik surgery. If a patient is found to have the condition, the doctor should not recommend Lasik, PRK, CK or any other refractive laser surgery. If your doctor failed to carry out standard preliminary Lasik screening, or knew you had keratoconus and performed Lasik surgery anyway, consult with one of our highly reputable attorneys at Nagel Rice.

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