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Nagel Rice LLP has a well-earned reputation as a leading trial law firm in the metropolitan New York-New Jersey area. Not only has our team of highly rated professionals recovered over $1 billion for our clients in settlements and verdicts; our attorneys are known for compassion as well as legal prowess. Whether you have suffered injustice in business, real estate, as a result of an auto accident, slip and fall, or other accident, or medical or legal malpractice, you can trust Nagel Rice attorneys to set things right. Once we take you on as a client, we are absolutely committed to getting you the compensation you deserve. You can count on us to fight doggedly to win your case so you have the wherewithal to get on with your life.

In addition to serving those who have been wronged, our attorneys are well-equipped to meet your business, estate planning, real estate, corporate, trademark, and other transactional needs. Our team of lawyers has comprehensive training in all aspects of business, real estate, and estate planning law, from creating, drafting, and reviewing documents to complex negotiations and litigation.

Our strengths range from excellent investigative work, including gathering of data and interviewing witnesses, to unsurpassed negotiation and courtroom ability. We are laser-focused on winning your case and obtaining the damages you deserve. Our lawyers have superlative credentials; many are named Super Lawyers or Rising Stars. When you come to Nagel Rice, you will receive the outstanding service you deserve.

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Our Common Litigation Practice Areas

Personal Injury

We are well aware of the many ways negligence, malpractice, and greed can lead to terrible consequences and we understand the physical, emotional, and economic damage that may have been done to you and your family. You can trust Nagel Rice attorneys to litigate and negotiate for your best interest with skills honed by decades of experience.

Medical Malpractice

While most of us depend on modern medicine to keep us alive and healthy, many of us know all too well the mistakes made by physicians and other healthcare personnel that can have disastrous consequences. An incorrect dose of medication or anesthesia, a prescription or surgical error, or a misstep in the emergency room or delivery room can cause long-term, life-altering injury. Patients who suffer the ill effects of such avoidable negligence may be entitled to compensation for lost wages, pain and suffering, and disability. In worst-case scenarios, their loved ones deserve wrongful death damages.

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Car AccidentsProduct LiabilityPremises Liability

It takes a very short time, often just an instant, for someone else’s lack of attention, negligence or recklessness to cause you or your loved ones grave personal injury. Whether the personal injury results from a car, truck, motorcycle, pedestrian or mass transit accident, occurs at a construction site, is the result of a product that has been mislabeled or contaminated, or happens because property has not been safely maintained, the results can be devastating, even fatal.

At Nagel Rice, we put your needs above all else, fighting ferociously for justice for you and your family, realizing that you need us to take over your cause while you concentrate on healing from the physical and emotional trauma you have undergone.

Various Types of Litigation

All of our lawyers are up to speed on federal, state, and local laws, and are agile courtroom advocates. If you are involved in business, professional or legal malpractice litigation, we are well-prepared to assist you. Likewise, if you are facing the challenge of an environmental, estate and trust, or whistleblower lawsuit, our talented courtroom attorneys are ready to support you.

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Class Actions

At Nagel Rice we have a track record of winning some of the largest class action lawsuits in New York and New Jersey history. We pride ourselves on standing up against huge companies and protecting the thousands of people who they have seriously harmed financially.

Class action lawsuits require particular know-how. Nagel Rice has won many different kinds of class action cases, including those involving:

  • Insurance companies that have provided inadequate or defective healthcare reimbursements and/or behaved deceptively to clients or brokers
  • Deceptive advertising, credit card fraud, illegally high interest or membership rates
  • Brokerage misconduct, e.g. improper sales practices, marketing, and investment manipulations resulting in unfair losses to investors or brokers
  • Vehicle defects that the manufacturer will not fix

Corporate/Transactional Litigation

Whether you require help in establishing a new business, creating a partnership or limited liability company (LLC), shareholders’ agreement, non-compete agreement, or any other type of business contract, Nagel Rice will deliver efficient service. You can be sure that any document we create for you will serve your best interests and be legally binding. We are always available to prepare financial agreements of any kind, including promissory notes, stock pledge agreements, trademark registrations, and letters of credit. Furthermore, you can count on our negotiation and litigation skills to help you resolve any business disputes in your favor.

Real Estate

Whether you are interested in purchasing or selling residential or commercial property, our law practice is fully capable of handling the situation. In addition to creating contracts for purchase of private homes, industrial buildings, and multi-tenant commercial properties, we take care of all the legal logistics concerning mortgage loans, commercial and residential leases for both landlords and tenants, letters of credit, and promissory notes.

At Nagel Rice we have a track record of winning some of the largest class action lawsuits in New York and New Jersey history. We pride ourselves on standing up against huge companies and protecting the thousands of people who they have seriously harmed financially.

Estate Planning

Fortunately, not all legal matters involve difficulty and dispute. Nagel Rice LLP also takes care of important matters surrounding preparation for the future. You can confidently approach our offices for any of the following:

  • Will preparation and probate
  • Creation of trusts for specific purposes
  • New Jersey and federal estate and inheritance tax returns
  • Powers of attorney, living wills, and health care proxies

In estate planning matters, we can ensure that your hard-earned assets are protected from excessive taxation and creditors. We can also protect your loved ones from loss of government benefits, their own poor judgment, and the loss of your income should you die or become disabled. Engaging the services of Nagel Rice for your estate planning needs is an essential investment in your future and the future of your family.

Land Use

Nagel Rice has experience in representing individual homeowners, commercial property owners, neighborhood groups and condo associations when it is necessary to oppose development that threatens property value or quality of life. Our lead attorney has broad knowledge or how to fight unsuitable applications for development since he has worked on a municipal planning board, held elected public office, and appeared with great success before scores of planning and zoning boards.

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse occurs in many forms whether from trusted mentors in the Boy Scouts or the Church. It is committed by many different types of people in your life. Sex abuse lawsuits are extremely varied and require sophisticated knowledge of the claims and how to prosecute them. Nagel Rice knows that sexual abuse claims are extremely sensitive in nature and require the attention of experienced, dedicated, and passionate attorneys.

Land Use and Sexual Abuse Law

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