New Jersey Ultrasound Malpractice Attorneys

Misdiagnoses and Wrongful Birth Resulting From Negligently Performed Ultrasounds

Expectant parents trust their physicians and ultrasound technicians to accurately perform and interpret ultrasounds. When a doctor misreads an ultrasound, it can rob the parents of crucial decisions regarding the pregnancy. At the New Jersey law firm of Nagel Rice, LLP, we are dedicated to holding the appropriate party responsible for your family’s suffering when a fetal abnormality like a congenital limb defect, hypoplastic heart, Down syndrome or spina bifida is missed due to negligence.

Nagel Rice, LLP, has obtained several multi-million dollar settlements and jury verdicts in cases involving ultrasound negligence, including a $4.2 Million settlement in a wrongful birth action involving a misread ultrasound. Click here to review more wrongful birth/wrongful life verdicts and settlements.

If the negligence of a medical professional or facility contributed to a misdiagnosis, resulting in a wrongful birth, a birth injury, or a wrongful death, contact Nagel Rice at 973-618-0400. We try cases, and we produce results.

Failure to Diagnose Through an Ultrasound

There are numerous conditions that can be detected prenatally through the use of ultrasound technology. This information is invaluable to parents and can help them make critical decisions. If your physician failed to diagnose any of the following birth defects following an ultrasound, seek legal advice from one of our knowledgeable lawyers:

  • Congenital limb defects, such as deformed feet, arms, hands and legs
  • Brain defects, including enlarged brains
  • Heart defects, including hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS)
  • Spinal defects, including spina bifida

At Nagel Rice, we will aggressively work to pursue compensation for your family. Call Nagel Rice at 973-618-0400 or send us an e-mail. Our New Jersey medical malpractice attorneys serve clients throughout New York and New Jersey; we have offices in Roseland and New York City.