Top Seven Construction Workplace Hazards

Construction sites can be very dangerous for workers and visitors. Even when all safety protocols are followed, construction accidents still occur. While understanding construction workplace hazards can help reduce the risk of injury, it does not prevent all injuries. When negligence or other wrongdoing is a factor in the cause of an accident, a New Jersey construction accident lawyer can help determine your legal options for recovering compensation for your injuries.

Common Construction Workplace Hazards That Can Cause Accidents

OSHA estimates that approximately three of every 100 workers were injured in 2017. Approximately 14 workers died each day during 2017. Even though the statistics represent a sharp decrease from worker deaths and injuries over the past few decades, to the worker who is injured or the family who loses a loved one, even one injury or death is one too many.

Seven Construction Workplace Hazards That Can Cause Injuries and Illnesses

The first four workplace hazards that cause injuries are OSHA’s Fatal Four:

  1. Falls Falls accounted for more deaths in the construction industry during 2017 than any other hazard. Workers can fall from scaffolding, ladders, and other high places. However, trips and falls over equipment and debris can also cause serious injuries.
  2. Struck by an Object Being struck by an object on a construction site includes being hit by vehicles and heavy equipment. It may also include being struck by pieces of equipment or supplies falling from above.
  3.  Electrocutions — Electrical hazards on construction sites can be extremely dangerous. Some sites use high voltage equipment or install high voltage lines. However, even a small electrical current can result in death in certain circumstances.
  4.  Caught-in or Between Objects Workers who are caught in or between objects or crushed when site trenches or buildings collapse often sustain life-threatening injuries. Safety protocols and inspections can help reduce the risk of death and injury from this construction workplace hazard.
  5. Chemicals and Hazardous Materials — Construction sites often contain toxic or hazardous chemicals and materials. If these materials are handled improperly, accidents can occur. Safety procedures and proper training can reduce the risk of injury from this hazard.
  6. Lack of Safety Equipment and Procedures — Construction workers should wear safety equipment whenever they are on-site. Safety equipment may include steel-toed boots, gloves, goggles, hard hats, and safety vests. Employees should receive periodic training in safety procedures and protocols.
  7. Defective and Improperly Maintained Equipment — The equipment used on a construction site must be in top shape. When a piece of equipment is defective, or it is not maintained, it can malfunction causing serious injuries or death. Regular maintenance schedules can help reduce the risk of injury from malfunctioning equipment.

A New Jersey Construction Accident Attorney Can Help

If you are injured on a construction site, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries from one or more parties. Depending on the circumstances of your injury, you may be entitled to workers’ comp benefits or compensation from a personal injury claim. Schedule a consultation with our New Jersey construction accident lawyers today to discuss your case. Our New Jersey construction accident attorneys investigate the circumstances of your injury to determine the cause and the liable parties.