$1,578,000 Settlement in Medical Malpractice/Wrongful Death Case

January 16, 2012 – The estate of a 40 year old woman who was prescribed significant quantities of methadone by several physicians including her ear, nose and throat specialist and eventually overdosed settled claims against the ear, nose and throat doctor for $1,050,000. Claims against other defendants were earlier settled for $528,000. Patti Hargadon had become addicted to narcotic pain medications and was able to obtain quantities of methadone from her ear, nose and throat specialist, Francis Deane, M.D., and other physicians despite the physicians having received letters from her insurance company informing them that she was receiving narcotic pain medication from multiple providers. Defendant, Deane, acknowledged at deposition his awareness that Ms. Hargadon was abusing narcotic pain medications but continued to provide her with methadone prescriptions. Ms. Hargadon was married with five children. The claim against Dr. Deane was settled for $1,050,000.00 with the assistance of Judge Stephan Hansbury shortly prior to trial. The claims against other physicians were voluntarily dismissed.

Plaintiff’s attorneys: Barry M. Packin of Nagel Rice in Roseland, assisted by associate, Greg M. Kohn, Esq.

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