$500,000 Settlement In Dog Bite Case

On November 22, 2017, Plaintiff Mallory Kliegman, now 31, was a social guest at the home of Defendants Nicholas Cutalo and Gina Rizzo in Morris Plains, New Jersey. When Mallory was leaving the home, she said goodbye to Defendants’ dog who violently lunged at her, biting her in the face and ripping her skin off. Mallory was taken by ambulance to Morristown Memorial where she was diagnosed with extensive lacerations to the lower lip and mouth and emergency surgery was performed.

As a result of this accident, Mallory suffered, among other injuries, lacerations to her chin, lower lip and intraoral lower lip requiring complex closure surgery. As a result of these lacerations and the resulting surgery, Mallory sustained scarring in these areas as well as loss of feeling and numbness. In addition, she has undergone treatment for depression and anxiety and has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. Both Mallory’s facial scarring and emotional distress were deemed to be permanent conditions.

The case was settled after one day of mediation with the Honorable Ned M. Rosenberg, J.S.C. (ret.).

Plaintiff was represented by Michael J. Paragano.