Children’s Brains Need More Protection From Injuries

Why are children at an increased risk of long term brain damage due to head injuries?

Sports can be a wonderful way for children to get exercise, while developing sportsmanship, team spirit, and skill.  Despite the numerous advantages to participating in a sport, children are at risk of brain injuries when playing in several of the most popular sports in the United States.  The developing brain of a child additionally places children at serious risk of long term brain damage.  Our New York and New Jersey personal injury lawyers at Nagel Rice, LLP discuss children’s brain injuries and how you can protect your child.

TBIs Cause Death and Disability in Children

Traumatic brain injuries are considered a leading cause of disability and death in children across the world, according to the World Health Organization.  TBIs can occur from any head trauma.  Sports like football, soccer, baseball, and cheerleading all have high rates of brain injuries.  The massive NFL football litigation has called attention to the potential dangers of the sport.  Now, researchers continue to investigate the effects of multiple head traumas on young football and other sports players.

Research suggests that while a brain injury can be dangerous for anyone, children are especially at risk.  Children’s brains are constantly developing, well into young adulthood.  Studies show that a TBI can have negative impact on a child’s maturing brain, impacting development for years to come.  Repeated head traumas are more likely to result in brain damage.

Protecting Your Child from TBIs

As a parent, there are steps you can take to protect your child from brain injuries, while still ensuring they get to participate in sports.  Observe the following:

  • Ask your child’s coach what policies they have in place concerning head injuries and prevention of such injuries;
  • Inform your child of the critical importance of stopping playing if they bump or otherwise injure their head;
  • Ensure all head injuries are promptly treated and your child is not permitted to participate again without doctor’s clearance.

Youth sports organizers have a responsibility to protect their children from head injuries.  Coaches and parents alike should always make sure children are wearing the appropriate safety equipment for their chosen sport.  Anyone whose child has been injured due to a head injury while playing a youth sport should consider consulting with a personal injury lawyer to find out more about their legal rights.