Construction Accident in Midtown

By Greg Kohn

What can I do if I am hurt in an accident?

A recent demolition project in Midtown Manhattan caused the death of one worker and injured another. The injured person was in serious but stable condition after the construction crews used specialized equipment to dig him out and bring him to safety. The accident occurred while a demolition company was participating in the transformation of a five-story building into a luxury hotel.

The law sets out the duties and responsibilities of construction crews and building owners in this situation. If these duties are violated in any way, the law provides that victims or their families are entitled to compensation.

Compensation takes a variety of forms. For one thing, injured workers incur expenses due to ongoing medical treatment and missed time at work. Medical treatment can be very expensive, especially for chronic injuries and it can become extremely difficult to pay bills if the injured worker is no longer receiving a paycheck.

Victims of such accidents can be entitled to compensation so that they can pay their doctors for treatment, and be made whole through rehabilitation, often involving weeks or months of treatment during which they are unable to work. If injuries are severe, workers can be compensated for the loss of certain bodily functions. Courts can also increase the compensation owed to victims in order to punish wrongdoing on the part of any individual or company (punitive damages). In addition, victims may be eligible for government benefits, whether federal, state, or local. In many instances, workers will be compensated through their employer’s Worker’s Compensation insurance. In others, victims will litigate directly against any wrongdoer.

An experienced personal injury attorney will be familiar with the duties and responsibilities owed to workers who are injured while they are at work and the best way to enforce those duties and responsibilities. If you or a loved one is injured during construction work, it is essential that you engage the services of an expert attorney in the field.

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