Nagel Rice Files Class Action Against Samsung for Faulty Clothes Washers

By Greg Kohn

Nagel Rice is Engaged in a Class Action Lawsuit Against Samsung Electronics America, Inc.

When you purchase a product, you expect it to work. Consumers of recent Samsung Front Load Washing Machines, however, have discovered that you don’t always get what you pay for. Nagel Rice is currently handling a class-action lawsuit against Samsung Electronics America, Inc. due to many complaints from consumers that their front load washers cannot handle large loads as represented, do not properly clean clothes, fail to drain properly, leave clothing soaking wet, and causing an offensive odor to emanate from the washer.

Samsung advertised and marketed several of its washing machine models to the general public nationwide, touting the washing capability of their machines. Soon after many consumers purchased their washers, they discovered that the washers could not handle large loads or were not draining properly and water was still in the tub once the spin cycle had completed. Additionally, mold and bacteria were growing in the tubs of the washers and, as a result, clothing and the tubs of the washers had a highly offensive odor. Samsung advertised their front load washers as top-of-the-line appliances with prices to match. Many consumers, as early as 2004, have already come forward to voice their displeasure with their own Samsung Washers. Samsung has failed to stand by its product.

If you are a consumer who purchased a Samsung Front Load Washing Machine in 2004 or later and have experienced the frustration of a defective product, please call us to consult with one of our experienced attorneys and shine a light on unacceptable business practices.

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