A Newark Crime Committed on Private Property Raises Both Criminal Law and Civil Law Concerns

When a Crime Results in Injury or Death, Several Parties May Be Deemed Responsible

A horrifying crime ended the life of an innocent man in Newark. In mid-December of 2013, 30-year-old Dustin Friedland from Hoboken was shot in a parking garage while his wife looked on helplessly. The assailants fled in the Friedland’s vehicle and have yet to be apprehended.

The criminals deserve the most severe punishment the law can mete out. However, there is another potential party that may also ultimately be held partly responsible: the owner of the parking garage. Why?

Property owners have a responsibility to provide a safe environment for individuals and patrons who are lawfully on the property. Many people understand that the elements of a safe environment can include a flat and dry walking surface, secure handrails, protection from falling objects and safe and sufficient lighting. A safe environment, however, can also include:

  • The presence of security personnel
  • Functioning security equipment like gates and cameras
  • A prepared response plan in the event of a crime
  • An adequate and attentive response to a crime on the part of employees

If Mrs. Friedland can demonstrate that injurious crimes have occurred in the parking garage where her husband was killed or can demonstrate that security personnel acted negligently or was inadequately trained or that mechanical security devices put in place to provide heightened safety were broken, she may ultimately be able to hold the garage owner liable for her loss.

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