Should You Settle Your Personal Injury Case at Your Insurer’s Request?

Airlines, retailers, or other businesses are great in processing initial orders. However, when it comes to refunds or returns, these businesses suddenly have a much more difficult time in serving you, the customer. This change in service is reflective of the change in your relationship with the business. You are no longer a prospective or current customer who needs impressed and well served so that your customer-business relationship is maintained. Instead, you have become a liability for the business. Your relationship with your insurer changes in the same way once you have been injured.

Following an Accident, Insurers Try to Save Money Often at Your Expense

If you are in a car accident and acquire injuries that necessitate expensive surgery, ongoing physical therapy, and/or home care, you are no longer the insurance company’s customer. You are now their liability who is anxious about protracted delays in the payment of your medical bills. Hence, insurers respond to your personal injury or serious accident with their interests’ at heart.

Your insurance company may capitalize on your anxiety by offering a quick settlement, which is much less than your damage claim. For example, your plan may insure you up to $750,000, and your current medical bills and expenses currently total $250,000. Your insurance company offers you a quick settlement of $100,000, saving themselves $150,000 and easing your worries. Insurance companies frequently offer these low-ball settlements to save themselves money while appearing concerned about your stress and injuries. While not all claims are handled in this manner, it should be something you are on the lookout for. The best way to avoid this situation is hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Personal Injury Attorneys Protect Your Rights and Interests

A qualified personal injury attorney will thoroughly examine your case and insurance policy. With these facts at hand, your attorney can negotiate a fair settlement that covers all your expenses. When individuals take matters into their own hands, without an attorney’s assistance, mistakes are often made that jeopardize your ability to receive the full value of your claim. So whenever insurance payout problems arise, contact a personal injury attorney at Nagel Rice for a consultation.