Teens & Vaping: Tips For Talking to Your Teen About The Dangers of Vaping

By Greg Kohn

Enticed by slick packaging and candy-flavored products, e-cigarettes and vapes have become increasingly attractive to young consumers.  And, as teens across the country increase their use and dependence on vape products, reports of lung related injuries and deaths among users now cover all 50 states. 

If you haven’t had a conversation with your teen about vaping and its risks, New Jersey personal injury attorneys urge that now is the time to talk with your teen about the dangers of vaping. 

Talk with Your Teens Not at Your Teens

It’s important to remember that teenagers are naturally wired to assert their independence as they approach adulthood.  They test boundaries and push limits. When approaching teens about vaping, invite them to participate in the conversation.  Ask questions with genuine curiosity and allow them to answer openly.

Teen Vaping: Open-Ended Questions are Key

Asking “yes or no” questions leaves little room for discussion and can feel like an interrogation. Create a safe environment with open-ended questions that invite your teen to elaborate and share information.

What Are Your Teens Thoughts about Vaping?

Teens have a heightened awareness of the social behaviors and habits of their peers. Allow your teen’s views and experiences to guide the conversation. Once your teen has shared how vaping has impacted their social group, it’s essential to know how they personally view vaping. 

  • What do they think about vaping?
  • Do they have friends that vape?
  • What is the appeal of vaping?
  • Do they like the tricks that can be done with the exhaled vapors?
  • Are they curious about the different flavors of vapes?
  • Have they ever thought about or tried vaping?
  • Does vaping offer social acceptance?
  • Does vaping create a thrill of rebellion?
  • Is vaping a pastime to keep connected to friends?

Vaping Risks

While you want your teen to have fun, there are some activities with inherent and irreparable health risks that should be avoided.  

Communicate to your teen that vaping is proven to be extremely addictive and has caused an explosion in lung related illnesses and neurological damage among users. With cases of disease and death rising so rapidly in a relatively short period of time, vape products are proving much more dangerous than nicotine cigarettes. 

Partner with New Jersey Personal Injury Attorneys and Your Teen in Supporting Healthy Decisions Against Vaping

Approach your teen from a position of concern regarding the addictive nature and hazardous chemicals of vape products. Recent cases by New York personal injury attorneys related to illness and deaths among vapors may provide valuable support to your position. Cite these cases as validation against vaping, and clearly communicate that you do not want your teen to become a statistic. 

Finally, affirm that you believe your teen will exercise good judgment, and that they will make healthy choices when confronted with the option to vape or not.  Share with them that you also face similar decisions regarding vaping, as the trend is crossing all age barriers. Be relatable and lead by example. Don’t vape. 

If you or a loved one have been injured while using a vape device, contact us today for a free consult. 

About the Author
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