Nagel Rice Investigating Samsung French Door Bottom Mount Refrigerators

Nagel Rice is investigating complaints by consumers that their Samsung French Door Bottom Mount Refrigerators, including those with through-the-door ice-makers, are experiencing continual problems with their ice-makers.  According to consumer complaints and Samsung’s own technical service bulletin, consumers have complained to Samsung about slushy ice, water at the bottom of the icemaker, excessive fan noise, and problems pulling the ice bucket out. Samsung refuses to repair the problem due to the consumer’s refrigerator being past the unreasonably short 1-year warranty.

Nagel Rice has information indicating that Samsung has known about this problem for years, but failed to disclose the issue to consumers. If you are having this problem with your Samsung French Door Bottom Mount refrigerator, please contact us to discuss your claim – call us at 973-618-0400 or email us at