Personal Injury News

NJ Hospitals Liable for Docs’ Lack of Insurance
Early this fall, the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that, when doctors do not carry proper medical malpractice insurance, patients who suffer personal injury at their hands are entitled to sue the hospitals that employ them. This is true as long it can be established that the hospitals did not do their due diligence in assessing the doctors’ malpractice coverage.

Personal injury Plaintiffs May Benefit from New Litigation Funding Marketplace
Frequently, people who sue as a result of a personal injury have to wait several years to be compensated. A new company, Mighty Group Inc., has initiated a program in which investors compete to offer money to plaintiffs in such cases to tide them over until their cases are decided in their favor.
A woman who tripped on a misplaced spike in a Jersey Dunkin’ Donuts parking lot, sustaining serious shoulder injuries that required surgery and burn injuries from the hot coffee she was carrying, has won her lawsuit against the chain for negligence.

Pedestrian Deaths in the Garden State Increase
Pedestrian deaths in New Jersey are on the rise. Last year, 169 pedestrians were killed on N.J. roads; that’s a 28% increase from the previous year.

New Jersey Family Sues Hospital for Medical Negligence and Emotional Distress
A New Jersey family is suing a California hospital for the severe brain damage that their daughter sustained during surgery to correct sleep apnea. The family also claims that they were pressured to donate their daughter’s organs after she was declared brain dead following the operation.

Tracy Morgan and Wal-Mart Settle Lawsuit
Litigation surrounding the New Jersey Turnpike crash that seriously injured Tracy Morgan has been settled but the terms were not disclosed.

NJ Transit Train and Car Collide in Elmwood Park
The Bergen County railroad crossing that was the scene of a recent accident has a poor safety record.

Troubling New Study About Teens and Distracted Driving
The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety analyzed videos showing what teen drivers were doing in the moments before car accidents. Distracted driving was found to be a factor in nearly 60 percent of the moderate to severe crashes studied.

PATH Train Dispatcher Wins Verdict After Workplace Fall
A Middlesex County jury awarded the PATH employee $2.89 million after a three-day trial. A leaking water cooler led to a puddle; the employee’s fall in that puddle led to two herniated discs and chronic back pain.

New Jersey Couple Sue Taney Youth Baseball Association for Negligence
A New Jersey couple has brought a personal injury suit against a Pennsylvania little league after the 73 year old husband was hit in the eye with a baseball while watching a game thahis grandson was participating in.

Truck Driver in Tracy Morgan Crash Asks to Delay Lawsuit
The driver accused of negligence following a serious motor vehicle accident involving Tracy Morgan in New Jersey has asked the court to delay the proceedings until after the criminal case is concluded.

$1B Settlement Reached for Hip-Implant Patients
Plaintiffs from all over the United States will benefit from a large settlement with Howmedica Osteonics Corp. compensating them for a defective hip implant device.

Settlement with Passaic River Polluter Nets $190 Million, $147.5 Million Goes to State Budget
Defendant in lengthy environmental litigation, Occidental Chemical Corp., has entered into a $190 Million settlement to help pay for clean up of the Passaic river.

Family of Man Killed by Paterson Police in 2012 Seeking $10 Million in Federal Lawsuit
The family of Paterson man, Saulo Del Rosario, who was shot and killed by police after locking himself in his bedroom and brandishing a hammer, has filed a wrongful death action.

PA Woman Sues JC Penney for Fall at New Jersey Store
JC Penney Corporation is being sued by a Pennsylvania woman who claims that the negligence of the management and employees at a New Jersey store caused her to trip and fall sustaining injuries.

North Jersey pain doctor settles spine surgery suit for $425,000
A New Jersey anesthesiologist has settled a medical malpractice suit with a patient he performed invasive spinal surgery on without the proper training. This is not the first malpractice suit against this doctor.

States Warn of Rideshare Risks for Passengers
New Jersey is the 14th state to warn passengers of risks associated with the using ride shares. The new and highly unregulated industry has been subject to criticism and concerns about liability in the event of an accident have arisen.

Distracted Driving Study
A recent distracted driving study on the relationship between cell-phone use and other secondary tasks, and the risk of crashes and near-crashes, found that novice drivers are especially prone to distracted driving crashes. During the study periods, 167 crashes and near-crashes among novice drivers and 518 crashes and near-crashes among experienced drivers were identified. The risk of a crash or near-crash among novice drivers increased significantly if they were dialing a cell phone or texting, among other activities.

New Jersey’s Christie Faces Class-Action Lawsuit
Six New Jersey residents filed a lawsuit against Governor Chris Christie, the State of New Jersey, and others, for suffering damages of varying kinds from the infamous traffic jam allegedly caused by Christie’s team. The lawsuit was filed a day after state officials released emails that purportedly show Christie’s team scheming the gridlock as part of a political retaliation attempt. The claim seeks money damages for the plaintiffs’ injuries, including docked pay for missing work, and could become class-action if more NJ residents decide to join.

New Jersey boy awarded $165M in verdict against DYFS
A 4 year old boy and his grandparents sued the New Jersey Department of Youth and Family Services for not taking away the boy from his home after the unexplained injuries presented at the hospital that were found to have come form his father. Jadiel won 166 million dollars for the price of brain damage.

Record personal injury award handed down against trucking company
The new record is set for personal injury cases! It took place in Sacramento where the Hackett’s couple sued Silvia Trucking Inc for 34.9 million dollars.