New Jersey Canavan Disease Lawyers

Representing Parents of Children Born With Canavan Disease

Canavan disease is a degenerative brain disorder typically found in the Ashkenazi Jewish population. Babies who inherit the disease can pass away within weeks of being born, or they can begin losing nerve functions such as vision, swallowing and smiling within a few months of life. Proper medical practice requires screening for this disease early on, in order to avoid having a child who will suffer needlessly and pass away at a young age.

Nagel Rice, LLP, obtained $2.5 Million in a wrongful birth action involving failure to test for Canavan Disease. Click here to review more wrongful birth/wrongful life verdicts and settlements.

If your child was born with Canavan disease, you may have a wrongful birth case. Contact Nagel Rice, LLP, in New Jersey at 973-618-0400.

Failure to Diagnose Canavan Disease

If you were deprived of the choice to terminate you pregnancy, and your child was born with Canavan disease, Tay-Sachs disease, familial dysautonomia, Niemann-Pick disease, or cystic fibrosis, speak to a lawyer at Nagel Rice. We have significant experience representing families in devastating medical malpractice claims, including many wrongful birth cases. We try cases, and we produce results.

Errors can occur at several stages of the genetic testing process, including:

  • Medical professionals failing to carry out ordered tests
  • Doctors failing to diagnose diseases due to inaccurate interpretation of test results
  • Lab testing errors
  • Doctors failing to order tests
  • Doctors failing to provide genetic counseling

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