New Jersey Lawyers Handling Down Syndrome Wrongful Birth Cases

Representing Parents of Children With Down Syndrome

Down syndrome is a genetic disease that causes a child to have mental retardation, delayed physical development and distinct physical characteristics, due to an extra chromosome in the cells of the body. Down syndrome can be detected before a baby is born through prenatal testing. When parents order a test, they expect medical professionals to accurately perform the appropriate procedures and interpret the test results. However, sometimes a doctor may miss the diagnosis due to errors.

In these situations, the parents were not given the choice of whether to have the child. If your child was born with Down syndrome, contact Nagel Rice in New Jersey at (973) 618-0400. You may be entitled to damages for your child’s wrongful birth.

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Failure to Diagnose Down Syndrome

At Nagel Rice, LLP, we will aggressively work to pursue compensation for your family. We understand the financial and emotional hardships that come with having a child with special needs. You deserve representation from an experienced attorney during this difficult time. Our lawyers are known for their leadership in cutting edge litigation. Nagel Rice produced more than $100 Million in settlements and verdicts for each year between 2007 and 2010, including many wrongful birth cases.

Errors can occur at several stages of the genetic testing process, including:

  • Medical professionals failing to carry out ordered tests
  • Doctors failing to diagnose diseases due to inaccurate interpretation of test results
  • Ultrasound errors
  • Lab testing errors
  • Doctors failing to order tests
  • Doctors failing to provide genetic counseling

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