Trisomy 18 Wrongful Births in New Jersey

Representing Parents of Children Born With Trisomy 18

Trisomy 18, also called Edwards syndrome, is a life-threatening condition caused by a chromosomal defect. Characteristics of the disease include heart defects, kidney, intestinal and esophageal problems, developmental delays and physical deformities. Less than 10 percent of babies born with Edwards syndrome survive to their first birthdays, according to the Trisomy 18 Foundation.

Nagel Rice, LLP, obtained $2.3 Million in a wrongful birth action involving negligent genetic testing for trisomy 18. Click here to review more wrongful birth/wrongful life verdicts and settlements.

Prenatal screening and diagnostic tests are available that can indicate trisomy 18 early on, giving parents an option to terminate a pregnancy. If your child was born with Edwards syndrome, contact our attorneys at Nagel Rice in New Jersey at 973-618-0400. You may be entitled to damages for your child’s wrongful birth.

Failure to Diagnose Trisomy 18

When a genetic disease like trisomy 18, down syndrome or spina bifida is missed due to a doctor’s negligence or a laboratory mistake, it is important to hold the appropriate party responsible for your family’s suffering.

At Nagel Rice, we are dedicated to helping parents obtain compensation for genetic testing errors. We try cases, and we produce results.

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