$700,000 Settlement Reached In Personal Injury Case

A $700,000 settlement has been reached with all but one defendant in this personal injury action involving injuries sustained in an accident where Plaintiff Jonathan Pierantozzi was working on a oil tank that exploded. On June 29, 2016, Mr. Pierantozzi, 23 at the time of the accident, was working for Environmental Management Consultants, Inc. (“EMC”) who was hired by Earthworks Environmental Technologies, LLC (“Earthworks”) to perform work at St. Leo’s Catholic Church located at 103 Myrtle Avenue in Irvington, New Jersey. EMC was hired to assist in removing an underground oil tank. Mr. Pierantozzi was tasked with cutting a hole in the top of the oil tank so that the inside of the tank could be cleaned out. The top of the oil tank had been exposed and Jon was supposed to cut a hole using a demo saw. As Jon started to cut into the oil tank, the tank ignited and exploded throwing him backwards across the jobsite and onto the ground.

Mr. Pierantozzi was hospitalized from June 29, 2016 until July 15, 2016 as a result of his injuries. Mr. Pierantozzi suffered a lumbar strain, pelvic strain, second and third degree burns to his arms, lower back, cheek, legs, neck and face. Mr. Pierantozzi suffered widespread first degree burns to the right side of his face and second degree burns to the right side of his lower lip. He also suffered first degree burns on the right side of his neck and extensive second degree burns on the left side of his neck. Mr. Pierantozzi sustained extensive second, deep second and areas of third degree burns on both upper arms and forearms. Mr. Pierantozzi also sustained second and deep second degree burns on his left flank which has resulted in a large oval area of post burn scarring that is hyperpigmented. He also sustained second, deep second, and third degree burns on his lower legs starting at his ankles and ending at his knees on both legs. He was also diagnosed with posttraumatic stress disorder and depressive disorder due to chronic pain with a major depressive-like episode.

Plaintiff brought suit against EMC, St. Leo’s Catholic Church who is the landowner and who hired Earthworks, Site Remediation Group, LLC (“SRG”), who was hired by Earthworks to oversee the removal of the oil tanks, and JW Pierson Petroleum Products (“JW”) who closed the tank prior to it being removed. The only remaining defendant is SRG.

Plaintiff was represented by Greg M. Kohn.