Ford, IBM to Face Renewed U.S. Lawsuit Over Apartheid-Era Business

On April 17, 2014,  U.S. District Judge, Shira Scheindlin, refused to dismiss a case against corporations for aiding and abetting South Africa in human rights abuses under the apartheid regime.  In a high profile case, initiated some 12 years ago by Nagel Rice on behalf of putative class of millions of South Africans, Judge Scheindlin allowed plaintiffs to replead their allegations after a Supreme Court decision severely limited the scope of such claims last year. The Court, in  rejecting the corporate defendants’ claims that they were exempt from liability under a specific human rights statute wrote: “’[T]he implication that an actor may avoid liability merely by incorporating is inconsistent with the universal and absolute nature of the’ prohibitions established by international norms.”  Nagel Rice will continue to seek justice on behalf of these clients.

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