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Free Lawyer Consultations – How to Make the Most of Yours

Getting in an accident in New Jersey that leaves you with injuries is stressful, but there are other things to think about in the aftermath of your accident. This is particularly true if you plan on working with a personal injury attorney on legal action to recover damages resulting from your injuries. 

Many New Jersey personal injury attorneys offer free consultations, but comparatively few people take advantage of them. The few that do, frequently show up unprepared and only get a fraction of their effectiveness. By taking a little time and effort to prepare, you can make the most out of the limited time allotted for your consultation. 

Write Down All Your Questions

It can be easy to come up with questions for an attorney when you’re at home on your couch, but when you’re in the midst of a free consultation with a personal injury attorney those questions can be hard to remember. One of the best things you can do is get a notebook to use to write down any questions that come to mind so you can be prepared to get the answers you need.

Take Copious Notes

The days and weeks following an accident are stressful, and it’s easy to forget some of the details with everything going on. While you’re meeting with various lawyers, make sure to take plenty of notes so you don’t forget any of the important information they shared with you.

Make Sure You Talk About Fees & Costs

Something that often impacts whether or not an individual will choose a lawyer is how expensive their fees are. When you’re dealing with a personal injury case, your lawyer will likely work on contingency, so they’ll get a cut of your settlement. This allows you to go through the process without having to pay upfront, and your lawyer will get paid when you get paid.

Don’t Talk To The Insurer Before An Attorney

This is a big mistake that many people make in the days immediately following the accident. Oftentimes, the insurer will call to “see how you’re feeling”, with the objective of getting you to say something on a recorded line that can be used to minimize your claim for damages. Don’t fall for it, tell them to speak to your attorney.

Bring All Relevant Paperwork & Evidence

Medical bills, repair invoices, and anything else that shows the damages that you have suffered and the expenses incurred will be crucial to bring along. Make copies ahead of time so your attorney can keep them. 

Be Punctual

Most free consultations are limited to 30 minutes to an hour, so you don’t want to waste any time by being late. Making sure you’re on time shows that you’re professional and that you take the case seriously.

Put All Your Cards On The Table

Don’t keep anything from your attorney. This means not only must you be absolutely honest and straightforward with them, but you should also try to give them every possible detail and bit of information they need from you. If you are in need of a free consultation contact our office today.