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Nagel Rice LLP has a well-earned national reputation as an excellent personal injury firm. We handle all kinds of mishaps in which innocent victims suffer serious injury due to the negligence of others, including bus accidents. From our offices in Manhattan and Roseland, our bus accident attorneys have provided clients from all walks of life with dependable, compassionate representation. We are proud of having an outstanding record of courtroom success, having won more than a billion dollars over our more than three decades in practice.

A great many people in New Jersey ride buses on a daily basis — for commuting, shopping, getting to medical appointments, and for recreational activities. Some use bus transportation because they don’t own cars, some to avoid the inconvenience and expense of city parking. Other New Jersey residents use buses only for long trips during which they want to join a group of like-minded individuals, or like the idea of leaving the driving to professionals during a vacation trip. 

Whatever your reason for riding a bus, it is likely that you haven’t given much thought to being injured in a bus accident. Bus drivers are usually perceived as stable individuals and safe drivers who do not travel over the speed limit. It may be difficult to imagine the tragic consequences of a bus accident until you or a loved one has become a victim. That’s when it’s time to contact Nagel Rice where we are ready to protect your right to substantial compensation.

Why We Are the NJ Firm to Call When You Have Been in a Bus Accident

Our attorneys are not only knowledgeable and skilled in both negotiation and litigation. We are also acutely aware of the ins and out of the judicial process as it relates to traffic accidents in our state. Once you meet with us for a free initial consultation and become our client, we will take over the following logistic matters:

  • Communicating with opposing attorneys and insurance adjusters
  • Dealing with New Jersey Transit, if we are suing the state 
  • Investigating the site of your accident 
  • Examining police records and medical reports
  • Investigating any prior history of negligence on the part of the driver or bus company
  • Interviewing witnesses 
  • Consulting with experts who may testify in court on your behalf

Most important, whatever twists and turns your case takes, our skilled attorneys will be taking care of everything so that you can rest and recover.

Different Types of Buses on New Jersey Roads but Similar Reasons for Accidents

In addition to city buses and school buses, there are multiple charter buses that take passengers to out-of-town casinos, religious retreats, and other venues. Buses used for differing purposes travel at varying speeds and on different types of roads. Accidents can occur on any of these vehicles for a broad range of reasons, including:

  • Speeding and Other Reckless Driving

Most bus driver positions require a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). School bus drivers are vetted rather thoroughly and most charter bus companies provide on-the-job training to their drivers. Nonetheless, some bus drivers do drive recklessly — speeding, tailgating, changing lanes around curves, etc. — endangering themselves and their passengers.

  • Distracted driving 

The fact that bus drivers are professionals doesn’t mean they are immune to the common distractions — conversations with passengers or on the phone, texting or checking GPS navigation, eating or drinking. Buses are difficult to navigate under the best of circumstances and it only takes a moment of inattention to cause an accident.

  • Driver fatigue 

Bus drivers, like other workers who drive for a living, spend long periods of time at the wheel, and can easily become physically exhausted or fatigued. Lack of sufficient rest coupled with the tedium of roadways (especially highways) can dull the senses and slow reaction time.

  • Drugs and alcohol abuse

Bus drivers, tragically, are no less vulnerable than the rest of the population to the dangers of driving while abusing substances. As awful as driving under the influence is, it is made even more horrible when the intoxicated driver is risking the lives of 40 to 80 innocent passengers.

  • Manufacturing defects 

Bus accidents can also be the result of manufacturing defects or electronic malfunctions. If so, our attorneys are adept at bringing lawsuits against the bus manufacturer, or against the bus company for failing to maintain the vehicle properly. If faulty brakes or steering have caused the accident in which you were injured, Nagel Rice will sue the responsible third party on your behalf.

Of course, it is also possible that another driver was partially, or even wholly, at fault for the collision, or that there was debris, uncleared snow, or an animal in the roadway. You can trust Nagel Rice to investigate your case thoroughly and zero in on which party, or parties, should be held accountable for the harm that has come to you.

Damages Nagel Rice Will Fight to Obtain for You and Your Family

Our bus accident attorneys are all too familiar with the devastation that can result from bus accidents. That’s why we are deeply committed to fighting aggressively to win you the damages you deserve for your serious or even catastrophic injury. Whether you have suffered a fracture, an internal injury, a traumatic brain injury, or an amputation, remember that our attorneys are working tirelessly to get you damages for:

  • Medical and rehabilitation costs
  • Treatment for PTSD, anxiety or depression
  • Lost income (present and future)
  • Replacement costs for services you now require (e.g. housekeeping)
  • Changes to make your home accessible
  • Pain and suffering
  • Permanent disability or disfigurement
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Final medical costs, funeral or memorial expenses (in cases of wrongful death)

Contact Nagel Rice Today So We Can Begin Focusing on Your Future

We are well aware that you have been through a traumatic, life-altering experience. Our mission as your attorneys is to bring you financial stability going forward so that you and your family can regain your peace of mind and sense of security. Contact our office today for an initial consultation.

Nagel Rice LLP helps their clients with their bus accident claims throughout New Jersey including Bergen County, Essex County, Middlesex County, Monmouth County, Morris County, Passaic County, and Sussex County.