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For 35 years, Nagel Rice LLP has been protecting the rights of victims of New Jersey taxi accidents. If you have suffered a serious injury in a taxi accident, contact us for a free consultation. We have the legal savvy to determine whether you have a viable case and the litigation skills to give you the best chance of winning substantial damages at trial. 

During our proud history, our personal injury law firm has won over a billion dollars for our clients and we are eager to fight for the compensation you need to restart your life. Our experienced attorneys know how overwhelming it is to be dealing with physical pain, emotional trauma, and financial difficulties at the same time. For this reason, we will charge you no attorneys’ fees until we obtain damages on your behalf.

The Dangers of Taxi Accidents Are Often Understated

Not only do taxi accidents occur more frequently than is generally noted, but taxi rides are riskier than most people realize. Passengers tend to assume that — because most taxi rides are relatively short and cabbies drive for a living — they will arrive at their destination safely. The reality is, however, that passengers don’t have a clue about the driving skills or character of their drivers or about whether the car they are riding in is in good working order.

The fact that cab drivers drive for so many consecutive hours makes it more likely that they are fatigued or distracted; some may be impaired to boot. Also, taxi companies, always looking at their bottom line, are less likely than the general public to equip their older taxis with airbags or other safety devices.

In addition, drivers and passengers in urban settings are often both in a rush, frequently making speed, not safety, the top priority. Even though New Jersey law requires rear seatbelts, passengers often neglect to use them because they will be “getting out in a minute.” In addition, the partition between driver and passenger which can be protective in terms of health and crime avoidance can present a danger to passengers (especially unbelted ones) during an abrupt stop or collision.  

Serious Injuries Due to Taxi Accidents

No one anticipates a serious car accident, perhaps least of all a taxicab passenger, but at Nagel Rice we are well aware that a taxi accident can result in life-altering, even fatal, injuries. As in all accidents, much depends on the speed of the vehicles involved and where the passenger is seated relative to the point of impact. Taxi accidents, like all car crashes, may cause:

All serious injuries result in at least temporary incapacity as well as severe pain. They may involve surgical procedures, ongoing rehabilitation, or even long-term care. This is why you need the sharp skill set of our taxi accident attorneys.

The Nagel Rice Team Will Fight Aggressively to Bring You a Successful Outcome

For most of our clients, mounting medical costs and lost income are a challenging combination. Therefore, we are committed to doing everything in our power to obtain the damages you need going forward to compensate you for:

  • Medical and rehabilitation costs
  • Lost wages, present and future
  • Replacement of household services
  • Pain and suffering
  • Permanent disability
  • Permanent disfigurement
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

If you have experienced the anguish of losing a loved one in a taxi accident, though we know 

we can’t allay your grief, we will fight to bring you a measure of justice by getting you reimbursement for final medical costs, funeral costs, and loss of financial and emotional support. If the taxi accident was caused by egregious misconduct, such as impaired driving, we may be able to get you punitive damages as well,

Taxi Accident Liability in New Jersey

Taxi accident liability in New Jersey is variable since the cab may be owned by the driver or a taxi company, and the driver may either rent the cab from the taxi company or work for the company as an employee. Whichever situation applies in your case, our team will quickly determine who should be held liable and will make that person or entity the target of our lawsuit:

  • If the taxi driver was at fault for the accident, he or she will be held responsible
  • If your driver rented the vehicle, both driver and company may share responsibility
  • If the taxi company owns the vehicle and employs the taxi driver, the company may be solely responsible for the accident

Each case is unique relative to liability since circumstances vary. If the driver of another vehicle caused the accident, for example, we may make that driver the defendant. It is also possible that, if your driver was impaired, the company employing that individual will be held responsible under the principle of vicarious liability. In rare cases, the car or parts manufacturer may be held liable for producing a defective product, or the state, county or municipality may be liable for negligence in regard to road maintenance.

The Comprehensive Services Nagel Rice Provides for a Taxi Accident

While you rest and recover from your recent trauma, our attorneys will give our full attention to building a successful courtroom strategy. In preparation for this, we will:

  • Draft and review all necessary documents in a timely fashion
  • Check out the accident site and all available forensic evidence
  • Examine police records and medical reports
  • Consult with any necessary experts
  • Interview witnesses  
  • Seek data relating to prior negligence of the cab driver or taxi company
  • Handle all interactions with insurance adjusters and opposing lawyers 

Contact Nagel Rice and Let Our Experienced Taxi Accident Attorneys Take Over

At this moment when you need legal clarity and compassionate support, we are here to help. Call us soon so we can begin advocating for you and your family. We want to assist you in any way we can and will fight tirelessly to bring you the compensation you deserve.

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