Nagel Rice Announces Intention To File Suit Against School For Cyber-Bullying

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The law firm of Nagel Rice announced the filing of a suit against the Rockaway Township School District for their gross negligence in failing to stop the cyber-bullying of 12-year-old, Mallory Grossman, who committed suicide after months of relentless bullying by Snapchat and text messages from several of her classmates. Mallory’s parents repeatedly asked the principal and others at the Copeland Middle School to stop this bullying and they took no steps to do so. According to Bruce Nagel, the Grossman’s attorney, “This tragedy could have been prevented and this lawsuit should be a wake-up call to every school in every hamlet of our great country that cyber-bullying is going on every day and that the schools must immediately take the step to stop this and protect every student in the school.” This case proves that “cyber-bullying is an epidemic and can lead to disaster if not stopped by the school.” Nagel also stated that the parents of the girls involved in the bullying will also have to answer for this avoidable tragedy.

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