$850,000 Settlement Reached In Medical Malpractice Case

Decedent Rohan Ryan, a 38 year old married father of two young children, suffered an Achilles injury on March 24, 2014 while exercising on his front lawn. He treated with orthopedist defendant Dr. Bechler on two occasions post-injury. In the days following the second appointment, Ryan began to experience fatigue, coughing and other respiratory issues normally associated with a cold or virus. On Tuesday April 22, 2014, Rohan Ryan collapsed on an airplane on route to Chicago. He died the next day due to a “massive pulmonary embolism. Tragically, Ryan had been provided no information from Dr. Bechler during the course of his two appointments that would have led him to understand the connection between his respiratory/pulmonary issues, blood clot, and his Achilles injury.

Rohan Ryan, husband of Anne-Marie for twelve (12) years and father of two, died from the massive pulmonary embolism because he had not been informed of its signs and symptoms.  Without that critical knowledge, he did not seek treatment or suspect anything serious when the symptoms began to worsen. Ryan had been deprived of the critical information that would have saved his life.

The failure of Dr. Bechler to inform Rohan Ryan, or provide material information that a “reasonable patient” in Ryan’s position would expect to be receive, deprived him of the right to protect himself from the devastating and fatal pulmonary embolism he eventually suffered.

The case was settled for $850,000 during trial.