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There is an alarming increase in the number of large trucks on New Jersey roads, contributing to a surge in truck accidents. In too many cases, truck driver negligence, most commonly evidenced by speeding, is a contributing cause of serious or fatal injuries in such accidents. Although there are many more car accidents than truck accidents, truck accidents are much more likely to lead to fatalities. If you have suffered harm in a speeding truck accident in New Jersey, or endured the tragedy of losing a close relative to wrongful death, now is the time to contact the seasoned, sympathetic truck accident attorneys at Nagel Rice, LLP

We understand the devastating impact of speeding truck accidents and now, as for the past 40 years, we are committed to representing New Jersey victims in personal injury claims. Contact us to discuss your legal options and to receive the strong legal representation necessary to receive justice and maximum compensation.

Why Are There an Increasing Number of Trucks on NJ Roads?

There are several reasons for the increase in truck traffic on the highways and roads of New Jersey, including:

  1. Economic Growth 
    As the economy expands, so does the demand for goods, leading to more trucks on the road to deliver raw materials as well as manufactured products.
  2. The Boom in E-Commerce 
    Online shopping has increased significantly due to its time-saving convenience. In addition, shopping on Amazon and other direct delivery services accelerated during the pandemic due to the fear of contagion and has continued to be extremely popular even as the danger has lessened.
  3. Supply Chain Shifts
    Changes in supply chain dynamics have led to increased truck traffic as businesses restock and adjust to new demands.
  4. Infrastructure Developments
    Progressing construction and infrastructure projects require heavy vehicles, contributing to the rising number of trucks on our roads.

Why Some Truck Drivers Speed

A large portion of drivers travel over the speed limit, but truck drivers may have greater motivation to speed because:

  • They are on tight schedules, pressures to meet delivery deadlines. 
  • They are often paid based on distance traveled during the course of their shift so they may press on the accelerator to cover more ground more quickly.
  • They can often get away with speeding in areas with less frequent traffic enforcement.
  • They are frequently overworked and fatigued after long periods of driving and eager to finish their route and rest. 

Of course, there is no excuse good enough to justify jeopardizing others on the road. At Nagel Rice, we are committed to seeing that negligent or reckless drivers pay the price. 

Reasons Speeding Trucks Are Especially Dangerous

Speeding is always a bad idea, putting drivers, their passengers and occupants of other vehicles at risk. This is especially true for truck drivers because:

  • Their large, heavy vehicles require increased stopping distance.
  • Their reaction time response to road hazards is sharply reduced.
  • The heavier their truck and the faster their speed, the more severe the impact of a collision will be.
  • While speed lessens control for any driver, this is particularly true of truck drivers who are trying to steer and maneuver heavier, more cumbersome vehicles.

Speeding trucks are more likely to crash, run off the road or rollover, resulting in traumatic injuries to any involved in a collision. In addition to rollovers, speeding trucks are more likely than trucks traveling at a safe speed to jackknife if they stop abruptly or to have a car, especially a small one, under-ride them and become trapped. 

Who Has Liability for a Speeding Truck Accident?

Certainly the truck driver traveling over the speed limit bears responsibility for the accident and your injury, but in most cases the trucking company is also held liable, either for improperly vetting the driver, not training the driver sufficiently, encouraging the driver to speed or improperly maintaining the vehicle. In some cases a vehicle manufacturer, repair shop, or even government agency in charge of road maintenance may also bear liability.

How Nagel Rice Attorneys Fight for the Rights of Victims of Speeding Truck Accidents

If you have been in a speeding truck accident in New Jersey, you can depend on our capable attorneys to protect your right to compensation and fight aggressively to see that you receive maximum damages. As soon as you become our client, we will begin:

  • Conducting a thorough investigation of the accident site and vehicles
  • Examining police reports, medical records, and witness accounts
  • Consulting with medical and accident reconstruction experts who can testify on your behalf
  • Provide you with vigorous legal advocacy and compassionate support both out of the courtroom and at trial, if litigation becomes necessary

We will stand by you from the initial consultation to the conclusion of your case, leveling the playing field between you and powerful adversaries.

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