When Should You Get an Attorney After a Car Accident?

By Greg Kohn

Even though you are not required to hire an attorney to handle your car accident claim, that does not mean that you should not. Some auto accident claims can be handled without the assistance of an attorney. However, unless you consult with a New Jersey car accident attorney, you do not know whether your case is one of the small numbers of car accident claims that are simple enough to handle without a lawyer. 

The insurance company for the other driver will tell you that you do not need an attorney, but you can be sure that the insurance company has an attorney and a team of other professionals protecting its best interest. Don’t you deserve the same?

Four Reasons Why You Need to Talk to An Attorney About Your Car Accident

There are many reasons for consulting with an attorney after a traffic accident. Four of the top reasons most people need to talk to an attorney are:

1. Fault for the Accident is Disputed

You need to prove that the other driver caused the crash to recover compensation for a claim. If the insurance company for the other driver is disputing fault, you need to find evidence that proves the driver was responsible for causing the collision. A car accident investigation can be time-consuming, expensive, and complicated. An experienced attorney has the resources and skills to handle this undertaking. 

2. You Sustained Serious Injuries in the Accident

Victims who sustain life-threatening or traumatic injuries in a car accident tend to incur substantial expenses, losses, and damages because of the car accident. Additionally, they may sustain a permanent disability, which results in ongoing care and future damages. An insurance company might fight your claim more aggressively to avoid paying a higher amount because of severe injuries. 

A car accident attorney understands the unique challenges involved in handling claims involving severe or traumatic injuries. An attorney can locate and hire medical experts to prove the extent of the victim’s injuries. He can work with financial experts to calculate future damages correctly and provide evidence that proves the victim is entitled to compensation for future damages.

3. What You Say Can Hurt Your Case

An insurance company wants to protect its interests by paying as little as possible to settle your claim. Therefore, it searches for evidence it can use to reduce the amount of your claim or deny your claim. One way is to obtain written or recorded statements from the accident victims before they can speak with an attorney. The insurance company may twist what you say in your statement to place blame for the accident on you instead of its insured driver. It is best to speak with an attorney before providing statements to or talking to the insurance company. Once you make a statement, it can be difficult or impossible to undo the damage.

4. An Attorney Determines the Value of Your Claim 

Do you know what your car accident claim is worth? If you are not familiar with the damages that you can include in your claim, you may receive less for your claim than the claim is worth. Also, if you are not familiar with personal injury laws and how pain and suffering damages are calculated, you might agree to accept a settlement offer that is far below what you should receive for your claim.

A car accident attorney examines the facts of your case, reviews the evidence, and determines the type of damages applicable to your case. The attorney also uses the evidence to maximize the value of your pain and suffering damages to receive the highest possible amount of compensation for your claim. 

Contact a New Jersey Auto Accident Attorney to Discuss Your Car Accident Claim

You have the right to consult with and hire an attorney to help you after an accident. Don’t give up this right. Schedule a consultation with our New Jersey car accident lawyers today to learn about your legal rights and how an attorney can help you with your injury claim.

About the Author
Greg Kohn is a partner at Nagel Rice and specializes in complex civil litigation cases, including professional malpractice, personal injury, class actions, wrongful death, products liability, and commercial litigation.  He has extensive experience representing clients in both state and federal court. Greg has tried many jury trials to verdict and has recovered over $50 million in settlements and verdicts in all types of personal injury matters including automobile accidents, wrongful death cases, slip and falls, and other catastrophic injury cases. Greg also handles medical malpractice cases, involving misdiagnoses, wrongful birth, and delayed cancer diagnosis. If you have questions regarding this article, you can contact Greg here.