$4.25 Million Verdict In Medical Malpractice Case

After a month trial in New Brunswick, a private school teacher in Martinsville was awarded $4.25 Million by a jury in a medical malpractice claim against several radiologists who failed to detect a facial tumor on a series of MRI’s. Kelly Jordan, a French teacher at the Pingry School, was sent for radiologic studies in 2008 following complaints on headaches. After being diagnosed with a benign brain tumor known as ameningioma, she had follow MRI’s which also showed a tumor in her salivary gland. The doctors who read these MRI’s in 2009 and 2010 failed to see the salivary gland tumor and when it was diagnosed in 2011 the tumor had spread and resulted in the loss of her facial nerve in the surgery to remove the tumor. This resulted in partial paralysis of her face. The two doctors who failed to detect the tumor were Dr. Ling Lam, a neuroradiologist, both now practicing with the Group. Mrs. Jordan’s counsel, Bruce H. Nagel, of Nagel Rice, in Roseland, commented, “This tragedy could have been avoided had the two doctors just done their job and we are pleased that the jury rendered justice in this case.” Dr. Lam was represented by Sam Rosenberg, and Dr. Isserow was represented by David Weeks. The judge who presided in the trial was Judge Arthur Bergman.

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