Nagel Rice Pursuing Class Action Involving Fire Alarm Systems Subject to Catastrophic Failure

Nagel Rice is investigating dangerous and serious defects in many household and commercial fire and burglar alarm control panels including those manufactured by nationally recognized equipment manufacturers. This equipment is designed, installed and monitored across the country by alarm companies such as ADT®. The serious defects identified can lead to an instantaneous, catastrophic failure of the alarm system’s control panel during a fire. In this dangerously silent and non-functional state, instead of the alarm system performing its life safety function audibly warning all occupants inside the home and the central station, the control panel fails.

Nagel Rice has information indicating that the dangers inherent in these control panels do not conform to the regulations of both UL and NFPA Standards. (UL) Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. and NFPA 72 Standards- National Fire Alarm Code and National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code. The single data-bus of the control panel is non-conforming so a fault or short circuit condition from fire attacking this wiring and/or certain devices attached to the data-bus renders the control panel non-functional.

If you have one of these alarm systems, or want to know if you have this dangerous alarm system control panel in your home or business, and are interested in participating in a class action mandating these defects get corrected please call us at 973-618-0400 or email us at